Trip Around the Sun- Birthdays, Catching Up and Fashion

I managed to survive another year.

I didn’t do anything spectacular. I worked on my birthday this year. It wasn’t the greatest of days. I can appreciate that Facebook prompts all of your friends to tell you Happy Birthday. It was nice to get so many well wishes.

Still not the greatest day. It just wasn’t.

I also managed to get my labs completed. I’m still waiting on the results. While I am feeling much better than I was several months ago, something tells me that I am not out of the woods yet.  Horrible Lyme pun not intended. If you haven’t heard, ticks are dicks!

It could just be me. I’ve been working a lot of hours, haven’t been able to eat the greatest, the gym misses me and I have been outside to play one time since October. That was two days ago.

I’m tired and stressed anyway. I’ve been getting over a respiratory thing since mid October.  So if I wanted to analyze myself based on my experience with Lyme, it could really go either way. It’s hard to tell. The feeling of electricity that flows through your body also feels a lot like anxiety sometimes.

I am definitely an anxious girl right now. It’s not all negative stuff.

In an effort to not focus so much on what might look and feel like turmoil, I decided that I really need to start putting effort back into my appearance. No one really knows what has been going on with me, but I am sure that it has been noted that I have been looking one step above bridge troll for the past few months.

I decided to do a little shopping.

I like to peruse the clearance racks. I am not entirely picky on where I buy clothes. I got a few cute things to wear and that has made me feel a little better. At least I look better even if I don’t feel better.

I figured with the disgusting amount of overtime I was working that it was okay to treat myself a little bit. One of the things that I took advantage of is a website called Just Fab. It was recommended by some of my co workers who encouraged me to check it out.

I am not an employee or spokes person. Ha! As a new customer, you can get two pairs of shoes (or in my case boots) for $39.99. Ladies, totally worth checking out.  They also sell clothing an accessories.

This is what I got. The quality is really good. Better that I expected actually.


If you do check them out, don’t pay extra for express shipping.  They came via Fed Ex after their planes were grounded, due to weather, and still arrived as if they were miracled to me by God.

I’ve been wanted a pair of boots like these for awhile but never bought them. When I say awhile, I mean like, three years or more. I am slow but I am mostly cheap. I rarely spend money these days on clothes for myself. I am also not very fashion savvy. I’ve always been such a tomboy that I didn’t get much further than cowboy boots and Uggs.

Uggs are my winter flip flop.

I also bought new sweaters and some other cute tops. Old Navy started their annual 60% off sale the same week that I decided it would be a good idea to drop a small fortune on a few pretty things.

I wasn’t very picky about the places where I shopped either. I discovered a couple of cute things at Meijer ( think Super Wal-Mart if you aren’t familiar with Meijer ) and Target.

I have no qualms about wearing a $5.00 t-shirt from Meijer if it’s cute. I bought the t-shirt in the photo below and had more people ask me where I got it than I have any garment I spent more money on.  Funny how that works.

My $5.00 Meijer shirt.
My $5.00 Meijer shirt.


Anyway, I am still alive. Trying to get back into a consistent schedule at the gym and trying to maintain my life and keep up.  As I mentioned whined about, I am working a lot of overtime these days. I am exhausted. I feel like it’s showing on my face. I keep pressing on.

I hope everyone is well!



16 thoughts on “Trip Around the Sun- Birthdays, Catching Up and Fashion

    1. They’re really cool. I think I like the brown ones more than the black ones. I wear them as often as I can. I even *gulp* bought skinny jeans to wear with them. I have the same issue with width. It seems like the older I get, the flatter my feet are getting.

      I might have some free time in January ;p

      If I am lucky.


      1. I will!! Glad to hear from you sorry I haven’t been on in so long. My brother was hit by a car at his work and will be in a wheel chair for several months so I have been primary care giver until some other family makes arrangements so haven’t been able to get out as much or post much.


      2. Oh geez!! That’s awful!!! I hope he gets back on his feet ( literally ) soon!! He’s lucky to have you there to help him. I decided to drop in and check things out around here and do an update. The other blog is mostly about me and what we are up to. AKA more exciting.


      3. Ha! Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been a lot better in the past couple of weeks, I almost feel normal again. If I have a chief complaint it’s just that I am tired a lot. And chubby. Lol- Since I haven’t been real active since last year I gained like 15 pounds. I’m looking forward to summer. How have you been otherwise?


      4. Glad you feel normal and hope your energy improves and I bet you are too busy to be chubby lol. I have been doing good, trying to balance work and getting back in hiking shape winter weight is a killer. But saving up money and hoping when things are settled with my bro to begin my travels again and eventually end up out west again I miss it.


      5. I know what you mean. I just bought a new tent. I can’t wait to go camping this year. I hope you get to do everything that you’re dreaming of. In my down time, I’ve started making a list of places I want to go to hike and camp. I’ll never be bored.


      6. I make those lists too I love seeing places old and new and camping is awesome. I got a new tent last year. I am looking now through the new issues of backpacking magazine and national parks lol.


      7. I get Backpacker too. I am still thumbing through the new gear guide. I just bought a new Kelty Trail Ridge tent. Still waiting on it’s arrival as I literally just ordered it. So exciting.


    1. I’ll likely post about it on the other blog. Since I don’t have a million dollars to spend on a tent, I did A LOT of research and went through a ton of reviews. Kelty has the best out of all of them, even the real expensive brands haven’t held up as good as a Kelty. is currently selling one for $99. It’s not the same one that I got but the one they’ve got there is going for$170 at REI. I got the trail ridge 3 dome.


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