Autumn Clean Up- Still Alive, Still Sick, Still Kicking

I haven’t made it for my blood draw yet. I am now officially 23 days behind getting that accomplished. I’ve been sick with a horrible cold that would not let go. I don’t know if this is Lyme related (probably) or not.  My body has been through the wringer.

Today, I feel almost normal.  I also don’t sound like I smoked a carton of cigarettes when I speak. I have more energy and *insert angelic music here and a beam of lights from the heavens* I am not blowing my nose every two seconds.


I still managed to get necessary things done around the house. I paid a man to rake my leaves though. He goes door to door looking for odd jobs to do and I have trouble telling him no. He’s usually the best $20 I could spend.  I did the back yard myself though. I was in a hurry because we aren’t permitted to burn leaves where I live and the city was supposed to be coming around to pick them up.

There was a huge sense of urgency.. Two weeks later the city picked them up. Go figure.  Oh well, we had a good time getting the yard cleaned up and ready for winter.

My son Dominic being a big helper with our yard cart.
My son Dominic, being a big helper with our yard cart.


I have the prettiest trees on the block.
I have the prettiest trees on the block.


Sasha, Dominic and Dingo Lu <3
Sasha, Dominic and Dingo Lu ❤

I love autumn evenings.

Sadly, I have put away pretty much everything from the yard. The patio table and chairs are missing their umbrella already. All of the decorations have been put away. I didn’t bother to put the grill away though, I am one of those people who will grill a steak in February simply because I can.

We’ve had better weather in the first part of November than we did in October. Sadly, I haven’t been able to enjoy it that much due to my work schedule and being under the weather.


I called my doctor’s office and told them that I haven’t gone for the labs and they agreed that it was best to wait until I wasn’t sick anymore. This one is so important I don’t want anything out of whack to throw off the results.

I hope everyone is well.


12 thoughts on “Autumn Clean Up- Still Alive, Still Sick, Still Kicking

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Your son is a cutie 😄Do you mind me asking you how you were first diagnosed? I am currently not well and usually I am super healthy. I’ll try to give a short version of the story. I’m a teacher and November 11 as I taught there were bugs. One was on my arm yet I didn’t know what they were until later. Turns out they were German roaches ( may just be a coincidence) I moved all of my classes for the rest of the day and later that afternoon I started to get a horrible pain on left side of my body , joint pains and chills down my back like I had he flu. since I had just found out that I was pregnant, I went to the doctor who sent me to the ER. Turns out I would have a chemical pregnancy two days later. I was sent back to the ER three days later bc the joint pain and chills just got worse. After a ton of blood work and X-rays on my back, the only thing that came back irregular was my crp protein level was elevated so it will be rechecked in a week. Since then, my jaw and throat are so tighter and hurt. An ent told me it is tmj from anxiety and stress. But I feel like it’s more. I have random joint pain and chills still although not all the time. My vision gets blurry and I feel disorientated. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my throat was closing. I get itchy everywhere but no rash. I’m always tired. I was tested two weeks ago twice for lyme as every doctor first says that. They were negative. I reached out to my doctor bc my throat burns sometimes. I am thinking I need to see a rheumatologist, maybe throat X-ray or cat scan ? Maybe retest for lyme ? I know you aren’t a doctor but I guess I wanted to know how you found out – thanks again ! Sorry for the long post and I wish you the best of luck and health.


  2. I’m sorry that it took so long to get back to you. I have been really busy work and the holiday. I like to be able to sit down and write out a thorough and proper response when I have time to concentrate on it. Ha ha, like that’s ever actually going to happen.

    That sounds an awful lot like Lyme Disease. I know you mentioned that you saw a roach on you, but it’s still possible that you encountered a Deer Tick at some point and didn’t even know it. Or you picked up something from the roach..

    I never saw my tick nor did I ever notice the bulls eye rash.

    My little journey started out in the ER I started having severe abdominal pain and pain that radiated in my lower quadrant and came an went. I thought it was my appendix or possibly pancreatitis or a kidney infection. That part mostly felt like a kidney infection as I had one before and the pain was similar.

    A scan showed that I had an enlarged spleen and liver. Blood tests showed my white blood count/enzymes were way up.

    I also had horrible headaches that even Excedrin Migraine couldn’t cure but simply dulled to a loud roar. They were awful. Night sweats

    Then I started to just feel “weird” like I had electricity flowing through my body. My muscles twitched and moved like a cramp but it didn’t hurt like a cramp. My jaw never really hurt as much as it just felt stiff. I had joint pain and crippling fatigue. I also had problems concentrating. Big time. I can only imagine that’s what it would be like to have a stroke. The fatigue and the cognitive issues bothered me the most.

    I wrote about it here but looking back, I don’t know how helpful the post was.

    Lyme Disease does “need a minute” in order to be detected in a lab. I was sick for about 3-4 weeks before I saw a doctor. I waited until I couldn’t take it anymore before I did anything about it. I got referred to an internal medicine doctor who ordered about six different labs. I was very high risk for Lyme since I am quite outdoorsy so he ordered that one too.

    The ELISA test was positive and so then they ordered the Western Blot and that confirmed it. I was put on a round of antibiotics and referred to an infectious disease doctor. I need to get in for a follow up lab to see where I am at. I’ve been really sick with some respiratory issues so I’ve had to put that off.

    That’s where I am at with it now.. I think your symptoms sound like Lyme but there are a lot of bacterial infections and medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms. Lyme mimics a lot of other conditions.

    I hope this was helpful.. Good luck to you!!


    1. You also mentioned that you had been pregnant, brief as that may have been, it’s still possible that the body hadn’t cleansed itself properly causing an infection or other issues.. I’m hoping that someone thought of that and checked that possibility..


      1. Be careful with information that you receive from people… Also, don’t be afraid to question your doctors. Research and question. Be very careful with your treatments and “treatments” not everyone out there is looking to help you. People suggest all kinds of remedies for this that will make you sick and keep you sick… If a doctor tries to make you take 3 x the usual dosage of antibiotics or other meds then question it. Also, not working with insurance and wanting large sums of money to get started with your care and having a practice in their home is a red flag.. There are a lot of people in the Lyme community who thrive on being sick and seeking attention… You don’t have to listen to me, but just think about it. Look for the article that I posted called “the good, the bad and the horribly ugly,” It’s food for thought.. Just think about it and be careful… Don’t let fear dictate your decision making…


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