The New Kid- Everyone Meet Hilda

Hilli and I at the Bolingbrook Pets Mart

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post from the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois advertising a 7 year old cattle dog  named Hilda that was up for adoption. She was coming to the rescue from a shelter in Oklahoma. Hilda was surrendered due to being “too old”.

Too old?

Seven is half of the life expectancy of a cattle dog.  It probably had more to do with her cataracts and that she was mostly blind. I guess it’s a lot of work taking care of a “special needs dog” but not so more than taking care of your run of the mill typical dog. She was blind, not diabetic. I figured that once she learned the lay of the land she’d probably be alright getting around.

At least they took her to the pound rather than just letting her go someplace.

At least the rescue got a hold of her.

I’m a sucker for the rejects. The greatest horse/pony I ever owned was a Halflinger cross named Ben. I paid a dollar for him. He proved to be everyone else’s competition in the years that I came to know him and since his death.

I came to know a long time ago that some of the best things that life have to offer aren’t completely and totally perfect. Sliding in with a flat tire, a screwed up eye, bad feet, poor bloodlines or a missing chromosome is just fine by me.

In addition to being “too old” at 7 and dealing with cataracts that have left her mostly blind, Hilda AKA Hilli is also a very sweet, loving and happy girl. I made the trip to Bolingbrook, Illinois to meet her as part of a meet n greet with the rescue.

The Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois is the same rescue where I adopted Dingo Lu a few years ago. I can’t say enough good things about them. You can trust their assessments that are within their power, as far as knowing how a dog will be.

I decided to go ahead and take her home. If not me then who else?

Hilda riding shot gun on the way home.
Hilda riding shot gun on the way home.

She has been settling in over the past few weeks. Lu took a day or so to accept that Hilda was living with us but Sasha has chosen to pout on and off. We had a tiff here and there but it hasn’t been anything of great concern.

Lu really wants to know what's going on here..
Lu really wants to know what’s going on here..


They’re only standing good for the photo because I have pumpkin spice flavored doggie treats to share. Yes, I have pumpkin spice flavored dog treats. I bought them at PetsMart and they even came in a container that looks like a coffee from Starbucks.

I now have basic white bitches for dogs. Ha!

Hilli has been finding her way around the house and has even mastered the stairs to the upper level where her bed is. She has some trouble going down the stairs, so I usually carry her down so she doesn’t hurt herself.

I have found that she is able to at least see shadows as long as the lights are on, or during the day time. When it’s dark though, this poor girl occasionally will face plant herself into walls and objects.

She loves to lay in my son’s bean bag chair.


It has been an adjustment but so far I haven’t regretted this move. We haven’t been able to go hiking yet, hopefully work will slow down a bit so we can hit the trails together sometime soon.


7 thoughts on “The New Kid- Everyone Meet Hilda

  1. haven’t been on in a while myself glad to see you are still kickin and congrats on the new dog how awesome is that hope you are over your cold and making progress with the other. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving.


    1. Hello! Sorry for the delay in response. I have the best of intentions and always try to wait until I have time to sit down and write. Right, like that’s going to happen. Still sick. Or sick again. I think I am catching everything that everyone I come into contact with has. Blah!!! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


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