A General Statement- Moving Forward



Just to touch base on the “trolling incident”.  That isn’t why I haven’t been posting. I’ve had a really busy month and sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy the final days of October as much as I had hoped.

As I mentioned in a previous post, October is my favorite month. I had planned to do more posts about me as a person as far as how I spend my time and my interests, but that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.

I do appreciate that people checked in on me to see if I was okay.  Thank you.

The trolling incident didn’t make me want to give up on writing about my personal experience, but I will admit that I had a hard eye roll and it did make me lose a little interest.  Mostly in a way that made me roll my eyes go PFFFT and make me want to give someone the finger.

Anyway, moving forward. I am going to continue to write about what’s happening up until the point where I feel like I have recovered completely. This means that I will write about weird things my body does, aches pains and other chronic or lingering symptoms from Lyme Disease.

I’m also going to keep talking about what I am doing. I don’t exactly sit around and think about my disease twenty four hours a day. I have a life, a job, home, interests etc.

So. Here’s to moving forward!!


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