I’m Sorry- What Was I Saying? 7.63 Mile Hike!!

My post yesterday was a little on the harsh side. In my defense, much like the troll who trolled me, I felt like I needed to say something or at least respond. Even if it was a little bit gruff.

The Troll Who Trolled Me

I’m hilarious.

I had planned to talk a bit about my hike at Potato Creek and how awesome it felt to do something so close to normal and then that happened. I don’t think that it’s productive to not keep moving forward with my experiences, because as I explained in my post yesterday, people who are freshly diagnosed with Lyme Disease deserve to read something positive about their condition. I am going to give that to them.

How was my hike on Monday afternoon?


I worked for a few hours during the day. I then went home and picked up my Australian Cattle Dog, Dingo Lu, and then headed out to Potato Creek State Park. I hadn’t planned to hike as long and as far as I did. I was about a mile into the hike when I started to feel a little off.  I decided to just slow down my pace and press on anyway.

It felt too good to be there.

By the time I finished hiking, we had walked 7.63 miles in just over 3 hours. This includes picture taking, Dingo Lu sniffing around and being a dog and a snack break. We just enjoyed our time from start to finish.  I wanted to keep going but it was getting dark and my phone was dying.


The weather was nice. It was a great October afternoon with a warm breeze and a mixture of sun and clouds. The light was perfect for picture taking and attempting to capture the color of the leaves.

There were a few other people on the trails but mostly, we had the park to ourselves. That’s the way that we prefer it. I confess, I like to let Lu off the leash a little bit. She’s a very velcro cattle dog and rarely leaves my side. Or behind me. She’s usually herding me and never leaves my heels.

We had a good time walking the trails and spending time along the lake. It was beautiful. I did a lot of thinking about everything and the future. I think that going through this experience has helped me appreciate things that maybe I hadn’t before.

Here are a few snapshots from our hike. Lu was feeling really photogenic, if you couldn’t tell.

Dingo Lu on Worster Lake
Dingo Lu on Worster Lake





Worster Lake
Worster Lake


11 thoughts on “I’m Sorry- What Was I Saying? 7.63 Mile Hike!!

    1. Hello! I am still alive. I’ve been a mix of sick and busy. Seems like every time I try to sit down and write a post, I get bombarded with something else or I am too tired. Or both. You know how it goes.. I will post an update soon.


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