Being Ticked and Getting Outside

This past week has been like the coming of the Apocalypse around here.  I realized also, that it’s only Wednesday. If it wasn’t one thing, it was something else. Nonstop. It’s better than it was a week prior where I swear I was being followed by the Grim Reaper.

Enough about work.

Tomorrow is my first appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor.  If you have been following along, you know that it was supposed to be on October 1 but it was changed to October 8th.

I have not been under a doctor’s care in almost three weeks.  That’s okay though I guess, Dr. Unhelpful wasn’t doing anything for me and quite honestly, I haven’t felt that bad.

I know that there is something going on still. I am sure that I am also blessed with a co-infection like pretty much everyone else also has.  I am mostly dealing with the extreme fatigue, slight joint pain and the brain fog.

These things come and go depending on the day and how much rest I have had.  Or at least, that’s how it seems.  Since I started to, make an attempt at, keeping a strict morning routine, I have noticed improvements.

It’s hard being a single mom, trying to keep up and working full time while also trying to take  care of myself. I need space and alone time.  Just like everyone else. My time outdoors helps me to decompress from a very stressful job and life in general.

So, after a few days of trying to get outside for a bit, I finally made it happen.

Lu and I headed for the Spicer Lake Nature Preserve.  If you’ve been following along, you know that this is my “go to” spot for seeking peace and solitude. I usually get it because I am generally the only person there in the morning.

It was another wonderful October morning.  The weather was perfect, slightly foggy with moments of sunshine, it was also the perfect temperature.  The air smelled sweet like the pines and dying foliage.

We wandered a little over three miles around the preserve. We sat on the pier of Lancaster Lake for quite awhile before moving on with our hike.  I kept my eyes peeled for evidence of the elusive black bear that’s still wandering through the area.

No bear.

It was still a much needed retreat for the morning and I feel much better now. Here’s a few pics from my walk in the woods.

image image image image image imageimageimageimageimage


I feel so much better.  On the way home, we stopped and picked up some tacos.   Tacos are the perfect de-stress,post hike meal. Trust me on that!!!




4 thoughts on “Being Ticked and Getting Outside

  1. Your pictures are so lovely. What a great de-stress location. I would love it there! Tacos are one of my love languages so I’d be all over that post hike meal. haha 😉 I hope your new doctor is helpful to you in treatment and diagnosing any co-infections you have. I so admire your strength in working full-time and being a single mom, all while battling Lyme. Hugs from a fellow Lymie! ❤

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  2. Thank you. I truly love this place. I have been enjoying the property for a really long time. It’s always so peaceful and the fact that it’s practically unknown really helps. I saw the doctor today ( this post was a day behind oops) and it went really well. I am going to talk about it later. Felt pretty good when I left the office. 🙂


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