Taking Advantage Of the Energy- House Work

Sadly, even though you aren’t at your best, you still have to function. It turns out that Walt Disney lied to us and neither small appliances nor woodland creatures will come to your aid and wash the dishes or mop the floors so you can nap.


I’ve made some adjustments over the past few weeks to avoid doing too much at once. One of the small things I did was to wash dishes immediately after eating off of them and doing laundry on my off days.

My washer and dryer are in the basement. I have a three story house. The bedrooms are all upstairs. Going up and down the stairs alone wear me out, let alone hauling a laundry basket with me.

Probably more economical to do larger loads than several small ones anyhow, and right now, I am all about the bank account. Actually, since I started drafting this entry, I got my utility bill and it is down about ten dollars. Coincidence?

I do everything I need to have done for the day before 10:30 am, no excuses. That way, if I have to, I can lay down before I go to work. This includes going to the gym, house work, errands, etc and so on. Scheduling. I am trying to make it an art. This is helping.

I am starting to get a routine figured out and it works for me.

I definitely take advantage of the bursts of energy.  Today, I managed to get my house picked up and some furniture moved around. Yesterday, my friend, Diana, gave me her dining room table,chairs and really cool buffet. I paid it forward and gave my dining room table and chairs to another friend. Heavy.

Heavy and awesome.

Seriously, how awesome is this buffet?
Seriously, how awesome is this buffet?

This morning, I got the bright idea that I could move a particle board microwave stand and cabinet down to the basement by myself, in addition to other stunt double worthy, dare-devil tasks I decided to do.

After wedging myself between the cabinet and the wall and flipping it over, all I can say is that I got the cabinet into the basement and I have some really nice bruises to show for it.

Amazingly, the cabinet and I are both in one piece. Why is particle board so friggin’ heavy? It’s like the crap of the furniture world but you can anchor yourself to it in the event of a tornado.

I’m probably going to pay for all of this tomorrow, but at least I can nap in a clean and somewhat organized house. It makes me feel a lot better too, knowing that I have my chores done. I am task oriented and will not allow myself any kind of peace until the work is done.

That’s the bitch of having a type A personality even when you have a temporary out of control body. Seriously.


3 thoughts on “Taking Advantage Of the Energy- House Work

    1. Having a routine that goes by a schedule is the only way I’ve been able to get through all of this on my own. I’ve had some bumps here and there but it isn’t like it was. We can’t just fall apart, at least I can’t. I still have to manage. Even if I don’t want to. That’s the thing too, I don’t want to fall apart and I want to manage. This doesn’t get to destroy me.

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