Happy October! My Favorite Month!

Happy October!
Happy October!

This post has nothing to do with Lyme Disease.

I just wanted to share that October is my favorite month of the year. I LOVE everything about it. The transition into winter is simply amazing. The weather, the way it smells, the sunrise and sunsets, the colors. The food. EVERYTHING.

Over the next month, I am going to take a break from the usual discussion about Lyme Disease and focus a little more on life and what I am up to. Disease should not define who you are and obviously, if you have been following along, I have no intention of being sick forever or even allowing this thing to define who I am.

There’s your warning. Let’s talk less about how ticks are dicks and more about how to properly clean a pomegranate and bake pumpkin seeds.  How did you decorate your porch?

Now, put on your yoga pants and Ugg boots, get a latte, build a campfire and tell me ALL of your favorite things about October!


3 thoughts on “Happy October! My Favorite Month!

    1. Ha! I’m in northwestern Indiana, we can’t do flip-flops all year unless you’re ok with frozen feet.. Too cold for that! I own a pair of Ugg boots but I actually don’t wear them that often anymore. They are cozy though!!


      1. We lived in NH until June 2014. I wore flip flops unless there was more than an inch of snow where I needed to walk. My friends thought I was crazy! 🙂 When we moved to San Diego, I was right at home – finally!


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