Random Thought Of the Day- Insurance Claims

*disclaimer* I am not being serious regarding this post. It’s just a silly dream. A girl can dream a silly dream. Right? Amiright?

I have been depending on the assistance of caffeine and Hydroxy Cut to help me with my energy levels. One of the symptoms of Lyme Disease is crippling fatigue. I call it “crippling”  because you basically can’t do anything other than sleep.  The hours that you are awake and trying to function take a lot of effort.

Sometimes you need a little help.

I went a long time without drinking coffee or even going to a Starbucks. Since my Lyme diagnosis, I have been to Starbucks more often than I care to admit or my banking account appreciates. I’ve also had the first Mountain Dew that I’ve had in years.

My running joke anytime someone buys me a coffee from Starbucks is that I got a visit from St. Arbucks, the patron saint of exhausted people everywhere. Then the thought came to me, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could claim our constant need for espresso on our insurance?


A recent visit from St. Arbucks
A recent visit from St. Arbucks


Mmmmm, my medicinal Starbucks tastes like a venti Peppermint Mocha with soy!

What about you? How are you or did you handle the fatigue?





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