Wasting Luxurious Time That Isn’t Yours- Getting Ticked Off


So.. I was finally referred to an Infectious Disease doctor. I was happy about that. I wasn’t happy that my appointment wasn’t until October 1.  Considering that this blog entry is about a week and a half behind, it may not seem like a long time right now. It’s still two weeks from today.

That’s okay though, enter sarcasm here, because the receptionist for my new doctor called to reschedule my appointment until October 8 because “the doctor will be out of the office that day,”.

Really. Please tell me what he has going on that day that’s more important than my health at this point. Enjoy your fucking golf game. I hope you trip into a sand trap and lose your balls.

I explained to the receptionist that I was talking to that I am no longer under a doctor’s care until I have this appointment. I have four days of antibiotics left to take and then I would have nothing. Also, I am pretty sure that I am just like everyone else with Lyme Disease and that there are co-infections involved that haven’t even been addressed.

So here I am.

She advises me to contact Dr. Unhelpful MD for guidance. I chuckle and give her the abridged version as to why that’s totally pointless.  Her response was like “wow”. Yea. Wow. It was nice to have someone show genuine concern.

I am on the list in the event that there’s a cancellation. It still doesn’t appear that I will be getting in to see these people until October 8.  Just think how much life happens in these days and weeks until  I get to see a doctor.

And the damage that’s happening to my body as this luxurious time slips away.

What’s really sad is that in this case, you can’t simply get an appointment with someone else. You have to be referred to them.  So here I stand, with my back against the wall and there’s literally nothing I can do about it.


With all of that said, I am still trying my best to stay positive and keep moving forward. It’s really the only thing I can so, but as I have said before, worry and anger only stresses you out. That alone can seriously affect your health.


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