Trying Not To Get Ticked Off- Part Two

My mailman and I no longer have secrets.

I’ve said that once before when he surprised me on my porch and I was trying to be sneaky and check my mail in my underwear. At least they were nice underwear.

I came home and checked my mail on the way through the door.  The first thing I was was this. Seriously? The lettering is as big as it appears to be. And bold. It has to be big and bold.

No discretion
No discretion

I was too tired to be stunned at how insensitive this seemed and what a horrible invasion of my privacy this was. I wasn’t, however,  too tired to feel a little defeated over it.

This envelope was from my new Infectious Disease Specialist that I was referred to by Dr. Unhelpful. Then I opened the envelope and read the first time of the letter. I rolled my eyes pretty hard.


I’m shaking my head as I type this. Welcome to Infectious Diseases? Thanks! Is there a gift? Lyme Disease has given me so much already! Exhaustion, pain, tender joints, night sweats, twitchy muscles, brain fog, fear of the unknown and Dr. Unhelpful. The list really does go on!

Lyme Disease is the friggin’ gift that keeps on giving!

For starters, this office is part of the hospital. They have a really nice logo for the hospital system. My son’s pediatrician is a part of this chain of medical office’s also and when I get mail from them, it’s got the dove logo and the address to their office.

So is it really necessary that I have to have INFECTIOUS DISEASE screaming my personal business at my mailman when they send me a letter? What if it had gone to the neighbor next door?

I have nothing to be ashamed of, but that’s not the point. After the call from the Health Department and now this, I feel like a dirty piece of garbage.

A specimen.


Me. The three eyed Lyme Disease Monster.
Me. The three eyed Lyme Disease Monster.


I am not contagious, but I sure as hell feel like I am. Between this letter and the call I got from the county health department, I couldn’t feel anymore like a monster than I do right now.


7 thoughts on “Trying Not To Get Ticked Off- Part Two

    1. I know.. I am actually shocked that they are doing this. I agree that it feels like a huge HIPPA violation. Even if I was contagious, they have no right to put it out there like that. What if that letter had been inadvertently delivered to my neighbor? I don’t really know my neighbors all that well and they don’t know much about me. One of them in particular is a little shady. What if I was a homosexual male or other stereo-type associated with HIV/AIDS. OR last year when the big Ebola outbreak in the US was happening. People were losing their minds. Depending on what kind of people lived around me they would have burned my house down. Who knows how people would react if they didn’t know any better.
      All of that was probably extreme but you never know.

      I am going to address this to the powers that be. I’m still putting together the letter to the hospital to request that they change their policy in this.

      Thank you for your support! If I am lucky enough to come out of this as a mere bystander with experience, I am going to continue to advocate for everyone behind me. They need it.


      1. You are right to be mad because you don’t know how people will react to something like that. There are some strange people out there and even normal people can panic and act badly. Having worked as a community resource officer and advocated for rural health and wellness issues and knowing how strict the privacy laws are it shocked me they would show that. I hope you are able to advocate its so needed so many people don’t know where to go for help or what to do. That’s awesome that in the middle of your own struggle you think of others! 🙂

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  1. The anxious energy needs to go someplace, right?

    I am going to wait until I meet with the new doctor on the 8th before I rock the boat. I reminded myself that before I go nuts waving the flag of change, I should probably build a repore and go from there. After all, I do still need these people at this point.
    I am not sure how well received I would be if, before they even meet me, I am already complaining and requesting changes be made in their office. I’ll be sure to update how that goes.


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