Let the Beast Sleep So I Can Live- Or At Least Go For A Walk

Pigeon River- Mongo Indiana
Lotus on the Pigeon River- Mongo Indiana

I hate talking about what I feel is progress because I don’t want to jinx myself.  I have been feeling a bit better. With the exception of today, where I have felt short of breath, I haven’t felt nearly as exhausted as I have. The fog in my brain seems to be lifting.

Let’s be optimistic. It’s not all grand. It’s just better than it was.

I still feel like I need to rest more that I did before. I am a go go go person pretty much from 6:30 in the morning until midnight, at the latest. That’s getting my kiddo off to school and doing chores, gym and work.

Currently though, I think I am treading water. It starts out great. I wake up. I need a few minutes to get my bearings and then start the day. I go for a bit. Depending on what I am doing and what I did the day before sometimes determines how it goes.

I learned that if I tried to get too much done or I exerted myself too much or I didn’t get to take a nap the day before, I would pay for it the next day. Sometimes, the day after that.

I know that because I am starting to feel like my old self and I try to do too much,  I can feel the disease starting to kick.  I think to myself “Well shit, the Lyme is up. Party’s over.”.

Then I need a nap.

Considering where I was a month ago, even though it isn’t perfect. It’s better. I may even try to start going back to the gym. Or, I may give it another few days. I haven’t decided because today, I am wondering why I can’t breathe.

Contributing factors, other than this is a symptom of Lyme Disease is that it’s hot and very humid outside. I had childhood asthma that I swear still lurks on days like today. Also, I have allergies. All of this things combined made my day move a little slower than usual.

I know I am not out of the woods yet but I have faith that I am getting there.


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