Exercise? Trying To Get Moving! I Bought A Bicycle

Before I was graced with a Deer Tick, I was very active. I went to the gym religiously, spent the other half of my time in a barn full of horses, hiking and I just took a great interest in kayaking.

I haven’t been to the gym in over a month. It would take me longer just to drive there than it would for me to go inside and set a rack and get down to business.  I was in the middle of starting a 2 year old quarter horse gelding called “Peep”. In addition, I had younger horses that I was working with that were “green broke”.

I was advised by the ER Doc that my spleen was enlarged to the point that I needed to avoid any activity that could cause to bleed and/or rupture. Since I gave him a run down of my life previously he was very specific.

He put a big fat no on the following.

  • No weight lifting
  • No lifting heavy items such as children etc
  • Nothing strenuous period
  • No horseback riding of any kind

When I objected in an effort to reason or find a way around his instructions he was really frank with me and said “Look, if you stress or spleen or get hit or fall, you can die.”

That was my motivation. Avoid everything that makes me happy.

I forgot to mention that my own house was a hazard since I fall up the stairs and catch myself probably ten times a day. Hard. I am not a graceful human. I have mystery bruises in my hands and legs that I often cannot explain.

So what did I do? I kayaked Worster Lake (Potato Creek State Park)  for about six hours the next day. No regrets. He didn’t say I couldn’t paddle. Right?  Amiright? At that point, my symptoms were mild and I wasn’t feeling too horrible, yet.

Fast forward to today. I have spent the majority of my mornings taking it easy, often I take my son to school and then go home and sleep until I have to go to work. I can’t even begin to tell you ( though some of you can relate) what kind of torture this is for someone like me.

My son and I went to a local super center (Meijer) to get groceries and what not. While we were there we took a walk along the side wall where they keep the bicycles. I have been wanting to get a mountain bike for awhile. When I moved into my house almost 2 1/2 years ago, someone made off with my lawn mower and my bike.

I just replaced the mower.  The Trek mountain bike was a bit harder to replace.

I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I just wanted something to tool around the neighborhood and park with. I have no plans to ramp off hillsides etc. I was happy to just get a Huffy, Schwinn or a Mongoose. Those were my choices.

I looked over the options and then went home to think about it some more. I really need to get out and move. I think park of the reason why people with Lyme Disease gain weight is obviously because we can’t physically do a whole lot. Our body will not allow it. I don’t want to gain a ton of weight.

When I was first diagnosed, I ate my feelings. They tasted like Doritos and IBC Root-beer. I also started craving sugar like crazy. I had to really discipline myself.

Most of all, I don’t want to become weak. What is it that they say? A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest will just shrivel up and die. Or something like that.

I went back this morning and picked out a Huffy Mountain Bike. Nothing crazy, but it has wheels that roll. So, I am in business. I loaded it up, brought it home and unloaded it. I walked it up to the house. I cut off all the tags. Went inside, read over some of the manual.

An hour and a half later I woke up on the couch.


I went outside and adjusted the seat. I then went for a ride around the block. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I had to work for someone today on a switch day so I couldn’t go too far.

It was awesome. I am glad that I did this. It’s at least something even if it isn’t what I normally do. I was long overdue to replace the bike that had been stolen. What’s even better is that the woman I consider my best friend right now, Diana, is an avid rider. She’s fancier than I am though. I will have a buddy to ride with.

Here’s my new wheels.



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