Victory Is Mine? In My Own Mind Maybe

I wrote previously about the Doctor of Internal Medicine AKA Dr. Unhelpful. I finally called the office at noon today and spoke with someone as to why I wasn’t getting a call back and why I wasn’t allowed to make a follow up appointment so that I could ask questions.

I was told that I was being referred to an Infectious Disease Doctor. My records had been faxed and they were waiting on a call back from that office to move forward. My response to that was “That’s an answer. I would rather hear you say that than hear you say nothing at all,”

Brief awkward silence. I puffed up a little and then demanded to speak with the office manager. After a moment of what I felt like was her mocking me because I asked if they had case workers/social workers like they do at the hospitals, I was transferred to the office manager. I spoke with her and then demanded to speak to whomever controls the physicians.

I finally got somewhere.

This woman allowed me to explain from start to finish what my experience had been like and why I was so incredibly frustrated.  I eloquently covered everything from the moment I was referred to WebMD to my labs being screwed up, to playing telephone between office staff and the doctor, that on three occasions I asked about making a follow up appointment and had been ignored.

I pointed out also that the majority of Dr. Unhelpful’s clients are little old ladies and little old men. If this man had treated my elderly mother the way that he had been treating me, she would still be laying in bed sobbing.

There’s just no excuse for it.

I could tell that she agreed with me, without saying that she agreed. I realize that she just can’t come out and be like “Holy shit, I can’t believe that happened!” She did however, apologize.

I expressed that I am done with Dr. Unhelpful, but my gripe needed to be heard for all of his patients moving forward, his methods are unreasonable and unfair. If he’s tired of being a doctor then he really needs to retire.

WebMD. Really? I read over the information on WebMD and walked away with three different kinds of cancer and full blown AIDS. He couldn’t have really been serious. That’s just ridiculous.

The conversation ended well. She is supposed to help me get my records faxed to another office. She’s going to follow up with my complaint.


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