Tick Toc Doc – The Official Diagnosis Has Been Made

I woke up this morning feeling fairly crummy. I think that I over did it the past couple of days. I had been feeling better. So I utilized that energy to get my house in order, bathe the dogs and mow the lawn etc. You know, basic life stuff I took for granted two months ago. It was rough.

I’m all caught up though so I feel a little bit better about all of this napping I have to do in order to get through a shift of work or function otherwise.

I managed to get up, eat and mill around for a little while before the doctor’s office called. The nurse from the office identified herself. She then informed me that the Western Blot test came back positive for Lyme.

We knew that would happen..

It was the next few moments that I realized the importance of  finding what is being referred to as a “Lyme Literate Doctor” as soon as possible.  The doctor I was referred to after my visit to the E.R. was less that helpful.  He got me diagnosed, but even that was a hassle.

I actually knew I was in trouble when I started asking the staff questions to ask him    and he told them to refer me to WebMD.   Apparently you’re not allowed to ask questions.

I asked very specific questions. I knew I was in trouble again when she didn’t understand the antibiotic regimen or how to answer what was next for me. There is more to this than just throwing a 42 pill bottle of Amoxicillin at somebody and calling it a wrap.

I then asked the person I talked to if I should just schedule another appointment with the doctor to avoid this game of “telephone” that we were playing back and forth.  This wasn’t fair to me or the person I was talking to because these people are not medically trained. They’re receptionists.

No call back. I called twice today. Nothing.

I feel like I just got abandoned by a doctor.

I think I did actually.

Fine. I am on my own? Fuck you doctor. Time is ticking away. I don’t have time for this and I can write a very specific and pointed Yelp review. Depending on how the next day goes, I will write a complaint because seriously, this is kind of shit.

*** I warned you I can swear a lot, right?***

Again, I got online and started researching. It appears that the closest “Lyme Literate” doctor is approximately an hour and a half away and the others are in Chicago.

I contacted the closest doctor. He has good reviews online. However, his phone rings to a voice mail.   This makes me suspect that he has retired. I check the number and I call back. Same thing. I leave a message with my information.

The doctor himself called back a few hours later. I explain my situation. He tells me that he has clinic hours in the morning and on Saturdays.  So far so good until he tells me that he expects $400. upfront and I can take it up with my insurance company myself for reimbursement. Wow.


I made the appointment.  I talked it over with Mike (the boyfriend) and told him that I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with this doctor after all and maybe I should just go to Chicago. It’s not about the money entirely, but I think it’s in my best interest to see someone knowledgeable that isn’t running their business out of their house.

The cop in me kicked in… Actual doctor calls on his cell phone, practices out of his house, wants cash up front…  I am 38 and still afraid of being kidnapped.  Mike has to work so he can’t go with me.

Ugh. I don’t know… It’s not unusual for people to travel to see their doctor’s and Chicago is only two hours away.  Dr. Scary is an hour and a half. Not a huge difference.


I still have to contact my insurance company.

Feeling kind of screwed.

I realize it’s early for me but the clock is ticking.






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